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Community Outreach

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Bees working on honeycomb with capped and un-capped cells.

Bee Swarms

What is a Swarm ?

When honey bees leave the hive to swarm, they are generally looking for a new home.

Swarms are merely Colonies in transition. If left alone these swarms will only be in place from just a few minutes to a few hours and will disappear just a quick as they arrived! Also important is that generally these swarms are very docile and the their Bees usually will not sting.

There is a variety of reasons why Bees will Swarm. Most often, they decide that the location where they are currently living is too small, too congested for the hive. Thus the hive will build special cells in which to raise a new Queen. Then the existing Queen will take half the hive and leave, to look for a new location. We see swarms as they alight in a temporary location from which they work together to search out the new location.

What you can do if you see a swarm which has landed in a place they are not wanted?

Honey Bee
Yellow Jacket
Honeybee - Yellow Jacket -- Wasp.
  1. First, make sure that the swarm consists of Honeybees.
  2. Then, if the new location that they choose is not agreeable to their human hosts, then please contact one of the Beekeepers in the list below. They are dedicated to saving the bees and offering them a new, healthy hive in which they may live.
  3. Take a look at some Swarm Examples
  4. After swarms are rescued, one of the many projects we support is the installation of them in our Columbus Metro Parks, for their bee programs.

Swarm Catchers
Bee Busters
Jones, McDonald, Young & Walter
614 581-4929
Non-profit, free-to-you swarm catchers in Central Ohio, Southern Delaware County, Columbus, Dublin, Worthington, Westerville, Hilliard, Grandview
Swarm removal only, no cut-outs
614 581-4929
Central Ohio, Southern Delaware County, Columbus
Dublin, Worthington, Westerville, Hilliard, Grandview
Bill Tolliver
614-267-6556 (h)
614-620-6556 (c)
Columbus 30 mile radius

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