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Community Outreach

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Bees working on honeycomb with capped and un-capped cells.

Swarm Examples

What is a Swarm ?

Swarm Definition and Where to go for Help.

What do we do with a Rescued Swarm ?

After swarms are rescued, one of the many projects we support is the installation of them in our Columbus Metro Parks, for their bee programs.

Swarm Rescues

Bexley, OH
Bee Swarm on a Soccer Ball.

Columbus, OH
Swarm in a tree.

Beekeeper in a tree with the Bees.
Taking the swarm out of a tree.

Whitehall, OH
Thanks to homeowner Ryan for pictures 2 & 3!
Bees in a Bush.
Clipping the bees branch.
Getting them 'all' into the bucket.

Putting the bees into their new 'nuc' home.
Rescued! Safe in their new home.
Picture Descriptions (left to right, top to bottom)
  1. The Swarm in a Bush.
  2. Using clippers to cut the bees out of the bush.
  3. Getting the last of the bees to go into the tub.
  4. 'Dumping' the bees into their new home.
  5. The 'nuc' hive, letting the bees get comfortable.
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