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Bees working on honeycomb with capped and un-capped cells.

Sharon Woods Metro Park

Columbus Metro Parks Beekeeping Program

Bringing the Bees Home!

Beehive in backyard.
Originally the beehive was in Carol's backyard, snug against a fence, under a tree. The Bees were happy there.

Unfortunately, they could not stay. So Carol found them a loving new home :-) So we came to move them.

Mike and Bill are pictured here.
Beehive with Mike and Bill.

Two men carrying beehive held together by straps.
First we seperated the hive into two stacks. Though bees were in both stacks, the queen and her court was in the bottom boxes.

Each stack was given its own top and bottoms. The openings were taped shut and we then 'strapped' each stack to keep them held tightly together.

Here the first stack is carried to and loaded onto our pick-up truck.
Loading the first beehive stack onto the pickup truck.

Bee trying to get into entrance that has been taped shut.
Though we were working just before dusk, some bees were still out foraging. Since the entrance was taped shut, some bees were unable to get back inside.

The second stack was then carried to and loaded onto our pick-up truck.
Loading the second beehive stack onto the pickup truck.

Two beehive stacks in the back of the pickup truck.
The beehives were loaded onto the truck, we picked up our gear and were ready to roll...

We all said good-bye to the Apiary location in the backyard.
Blocks where beehive had formerly sat.

Mike & Bill carrying the bottom stack to its new location.
Once we arrived at Sharon Woods, we quickly set up the new location and then Mike & Bill carried the bottom stack into the park.

and gently lowered and placed it onto the prepared concrete blocks.
Placing the bottom stack on prepared concrete blocks.

Three beekeepers putting the two stacks together.
Once the second, top, stack was brought out, we prepared to put them back together as one hive. Unfortunately the bees were not real happy about being moved. So when the bottom stack top was moved out of the way, we had to very quickly put the top stack on top to keep the bees inside and alive.

Jody, Mike and Bill throughly discussed this process which then took much less time to actually perform.

Mike put on the finishing touches and closed the hive for the night. We'll check on them again soon.

Congratulations Sharon Woods...
You've got bees!!!
Final hive with Mike.

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