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Bees working on honeycomb with capped and un-capped cells.

Ohio Beekeeping

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Whether or not you are a beekeeper, you are probably enamored with honey. It is the best-known product of the hive. Below is the process a beekeeper goes through to extract honey from the hive.

A Bee Hive.
Bees, still working away in their bee hive.
Beekeeper with open hive and frame of capped honey.
The Beekeeper opens the hive, pulls out the frames and inspects them to make sure that they contain nectar that has been capped. They frame should be at least 80% capped before it is removed for extraction.
Beekeeper uncapping the honey.
The frame is taken to the 'uncapping' station, where another beekeeper uses an uncapping tool, sometimes a knife, to remove the top of the caps from the honey cells.

Uncapping the comb in the frame.
The capped frames contain honeycomb of various colors, usually depending on the 'newness' of the comb. New comb is usually very light colored or white. Comb, as it gets older and has been re-used over and over, will get darker.
Two beekeepers and one three-frame extractor.
The uncapped frames are then placed into an 'extractor.' For hobbyist beekeepers, the extractor will usually hold three (3) frames at a time. Larger extractors are available, but are very costly.
Close-up of beekeeper spinning the frames in the extractor.
Once the three(3) frames are loaded, the extractor handle is turned to spin the frames, thus releasing the honey by centrifugal force. It flows down to the bottom of the extractor. At the bottom is a drain that allows for the honey to drain through a fine-mesh seive into a clean food-grade bucket.

Two buckets of honey and a jar of honeycomb.

In this example, 21 frames were extracted and resulted in approximately 6-7 gallons of honey, as pictured.


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